Community administration

We offer a comprehensive specialized service for your community of owners.

  • Economic study and personalized advice to improve community spending.
  • Community accounting management.
  • Management of collection of community fees and advances.
  • Periodic monitoring and claim for delinquency.
  • Financial management through a community bank account.
  • Efficient care and monitoring service for breakdowns or incidents.
  • Request for quotes from professionals for the rehabilitation and repair of real estate
  • Preventive maintenance plans for the property.
  • Legal representation of the community before third parties.
  • Complementation and presentation to the Treasury of mandatory models.
  • Annual celebration of the Ordinary and Extraordinary Meeting.
  • Availability of boardrooms.
  • Constitution of communities.
  • Advice and support to the President of the community.
  • Legal advice on community organization.
  • Custody of documentation

Rental administration

Enjoy the best appraisal, marketing and legal advice.

  • Personalized and specialized service for managing your rentals and real estate.
  • Preparation of pre-rental documentation (Certificates of habitability and energy efficiency certificates).
  • Representation of the landlord in the negotiations prior to the lease.
  • Drafting and formalization of contracts on behalf of the owner.
  • Deposit of bonds with INCASOL.
  • Control of contracted supplies (electricity, water, etc.).
  • Presentation for the collection of rental receipts.
  • Savings of bank charges by the owner.
  • Complementation and presentation to the Treasury of mandatory models.
  • Intermediation between the landlord and the tenant.
  • Specialized and immediate attention to the tenant for incidents or breakdowns.
  • Claim for unpaid receipts.
  • Income update, according to CPI increases.
  • Custody of documents.

Purchase and rental

Enjoy the best appraisal, marketing and legal advice.

  • Free appraisal of the price for rent or sale.
  • Post ads on your own website.
  • Posting ads on major real estate portals on the Internet.
  • Photo and video reporting service
  • Posting ads in our office storefronts.
  • Advertising through commercial posters in real estate.
  • Carrying out commercial visits to the properties.
  • Negotiations by client account.
  • Realization of contracts by lawyers.


We tailor-make your insurance with the best coverage and prices.

  • We are insurance agents.
  • We carry out all types of insurance tailored to our customers.
  • We have the best coverage and prices for each case.
  • Preparation of insurance for tenants and landlords, risk in rent.
  • Comprehensive insurance for homeowners’ communities.
  • Home insurance.

Mortgage service

We are partners with RN Tu mortgage solution is a specialized financial intermediation company that is formed by a team of professionals with experience since 1999 whose main objective is to find the best “mortgage solution” for each client profile.

  • We guarantee to get the best mortgage for each client profile.
  • Our analysis is free, fast and without obligation.
  • We confirm the viability of the operation in 48 hours.